Luboš Kopecký

head of the pre-production

+420 720 673 996

Things have to fit together. I am a practitioner. Does it need to be done? It will work. I’m always looking for ways to solve a task, I’m not looking for reasons why it can’t be done. I am in charge of pre-production management. I generally don’t like quiet – I need constant action and the more the better.


I was one of the first to join such a young company. I believed in G&G and this decision paid off. Today, I have my firm place here, where I can use my practical view of the world. In my spare time, I like to sit in the garden with friends and have a dewied beer 12°.


Ing. Radek Veselý

CEO & Sales

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Ing. Miloš Gregor


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Ing. et Ing. Pavel Bulejko, Ph.D.

commercial technical manager

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Martin Ovad

head of the design department

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