Ing. Radek Veselý

CEO & Sales

+420 725 745 300

I am a technician and I try to understand everything happening around me using the laws of physics. Life’s challenges recharge my batteries and give meaning to my being. I recognize correct and straightforward behavior. I don’t enjoy and am not interested in work for which I cannot take full responsibility. I hate laziness, arrogance, vanity, meanness and condescension. I appreciate creative thinking, effort and perseverance.


We are building the G&G filtration company from the ground up, and it has completely won over my personal time off and sleep. I am fully aware that the strength of a high-quality, efficient and recognized company is not given by the brand name and history, but by high-quality employees, on whom the company relies in building the future.


Ing. Miloš Gregor


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Ing. et Ing. Pavel Bulejko, Ph.D.

commercial technical manager

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Martin Ovad

head of the design department

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Luboš Kopecký

head of the pre-production

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